Iranian Society for Ornamental Plants (ISOP)
National Institute of Ornamental Plants (NIOP)

The total area under ornamental plants in Iran is indicated to be over 5,000 hectares. There is an increasing demand for ornamental plants in the international and local markets. At this stage the decision of government and policy makers to make the floriculture as a profitable venture is very important.
In 2013 the Iranian Society for Ornamental Plants (ISOP) has been founded to improve floriculture industry in Iran. ISOP comprises a team of experts actively engaged in ornamental plants and flowers issues and its mission is to apply professional skills towards improving the quality of research. ISOP also aims to increase the transfer of all aspects of ornamental plant knowledge and skills to support flower growers throughout the country.
Recently (2014) Ornamental Research station has been also promoted to the National Institute of Ornamental Plants (NIOP) (in Mahallat city). This institute aims to manage high quality applied researches, collaborate with universities, research centers and private companies inside and outside the country, and establish research greenhouses and breeding centers to improve flower industry in the country.
ISOP and NIOP work together to achieve common objectives.