Ramsar is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Iran’s northern Green Strip  the westernmost city of Mazandaran Province. It’s known as “the bride of Iranian cities”, due to the magnificent scenery including sea, mountains and forest, which are coupled with historic sites, museums and places of entertainment.

When it comes to find an accommodation, the Old Hotel Ramasar, is undoubtedly the best choice. However it’s considered more as a national and cultural heritage than a hotel. That’s why accommodation in that hotel needs extreme caution. This age-old hotel (built in 1934) is situated at the foot of the mountain which contains 25 rooms and five royal suites.

After finding residence, you may want to try local food. Ramsar’s restaurants have a well-earned reputation for fine cuisines serving a variety of local appetizers, main courses, desserts and herbal drinks.

The Caspian Museum, known as “Tamashagah Khazar,” which is located next to the Hotel, may then tempts you into visiting first. The museum, which was in fact a palace for Iran’s former monarchs Reza and Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi, is decorated with artworks by famous Iranian sculptors and painters.

If you want to experience exciting and adventurous activities, it’s highly recommended to visit sea club with Maya Recreational ship, Parasailing, Jet skiing and Marine Shuttle. Experience the peak of excitement with Zip line to the jungle or have the pleasure of Ramsar Chairlift (telecabin) which is formed in three parts of beach, foothills and highlands. On the foothills of Ramsar Chairlift, one of the best equipped karting resorts is located. In the amusement park called “land of dream” you can forget everything for a moment. If you are interested in paintball, Ramsar paintball playground is equipped with standard equipment and paints to the applicants to maintain the safety and health of players.

Let’s get back to the city. The town is squeezed into little more than one main street. While in the main road, if you turn to the side road on the mountainous southeast of the city and keep driving for about 20 minutes you will arrive to a village called Javaher Deh — the village of Jewel.

Ramsar’s Javaher Deh is a popular tourist destination in north of Iran, and it’s recommended to those who want to experience local atmosphere. This ever-foggy village is a summer resort with the hospitable environment and unique weather. The village, situated at an altitude of 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) above sea level, and is surrounded by stunning scenery of extensive green pastures, spectacular snow-capped mountains, dense forests, gentle hills and magnificent north-Iranian rural areas. The famous waterfall, the Swan Lake, the Fazl and Fazel Shrine, the Stone Cradle Mountain and the Stone Lion Mountain along with numerous natural springs are also among Javaher Deh’s tourist attractions.

Javaher Deh is also steeped in history which demonstrates an ancient era with Gabry graves and Mitra worships placed in it. The most historically important place; however, is the Adineh Mosque or the Friday Mosque— which was made of wood and clay about 700 years ago.

Unlike many other areas of Iran that buildings have flat roof, the houses in this area of Iran have pitched roofs. Despite of the fact that tourists have flocked to this area, people of this village live in harmony with nature and have conserved the environment and their local and native traditions.

The coast strip of Caspian Sea is covered with rich vegetation including wild and native flower beds. Some of the most important wild flowers in the altitudes of Javaher Deh go as follow.

Helichrysum setosum grows at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level in areas around Javaherdeh and Eshkevarat. It has high durability and penetrating smell. Having it at home, people felt honor, due to the fact that it was a symbol of travelling across glorious area of Javaher Deh. It has also some medicinal properties. Allium Christophii, which is used as cut flowers or as margin plants in urban green space. Bell flower (campanula spp) a perennial plant which is used as cover plant.

Other native flowers with unique beauty include: Foxglove (Digitalis sp), Carnation (Dianthus sp), Autumn crocus (Colchicum Autumnal), Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis), Peony, Paeonia Spp, different types of Salvia, different types of Papaver, different types of Corn flower, and etc.

That was just a brief and laconic description of Ramsar, so don’t miss the chance to see the breathtaking scenery of the Rocky coast and green mountains of Ramsar.

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Ramsar Intro

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